And the Oscar goes to…..

And the Oscar goes to…..

Yes this Sunday millions of people around the world will tune in to watch the Oscars in what has become a premier television event. Besides the Superbowl few live events draw the live audience produced by the Oscars. Like the Superbowl the Oscars has it fair share of hype with viewers tuning in well before the actual show to watch the Red Carpet. And what huge live TV event wouldn’t be complete if Vegas didn’t take wagers on the outcome, so just as the Superbowl has it’s many prop bets so too Vegas bookmakers are taking wagers on the Oscars.

Yet what really makes the Oscars great isn’t all the hype it’s the strong opinions the event generates from the people that watch. This heated debate begins the moment nominations are announced, continues through the Red Carpet, becomes intense during the actual show and finally concludes as the after parties are coming to an end. Yes what makes the Oscars a must see event is people who normally wouldn’t speak become raving lunatics not unlike football fans during the Superbowl.

So in the spirt of the Oscars Diabetic Investor has decided that it’s time the wacky world of diabetes had our own award show.  What better way to acknowledge the accomplishments of the companies and people who make this wacky world unique. To make this show become a reality Diabetic Investor is going to need help from our loyal readers and not just with nominations (more on that in a moment) but we need a catchy name for the event. Our personal favorite is the Wacky, yes we can just see Serge Weinberg at the podium accepting his Wacky and saying “I’d like to thank Diabetic Investor and its loyal readers for bestowing on me such an honor. Who would have thought that someone as clueless as I am about diabetes would be granted a Wacky. This is a moment I will cherish the rest of my life.” If that’s not priceless we’re not sure what is.

Now onto the nominations …..

Best Company (i.e. Best Picture)

Sanofi (NYSE:SNY) – Hands down one of the best stories of the year. Few companies have been filled with such drama. Yes it’s fair to say that our wine drinking friends in France have provided Diabetic Investor so truly great copy.

MannKind (NASDAQ:MNKD) – Now some may say that MannKind is undeserving of a nomination given their partnership with our wine drinking friends, we respectfully disagree. The simple fact is no other company can perform the pump and dump better than MannKind and that fact alone makes them worthy of a nomination.

Insulet (NASDAQ:PODD) – Boy it’s been a tough year for Insulet and their new CEO Pat Sullivan. What seemed like a feel good story when the year began has all of sudden turned into a disaster movie. Insulet is beginning to feel like the Titanic without Leo and Kate.

Best CEO

Serge Weinberg – Yes our favorite quote machine and foot in mouth specialist tops the list although there are some who believe because he was an acting CEO and not a full time CEO he should be excluded. While we can understand this point of view few CEO’s acting or not had such a major impact on the company they were running.

Chris Viehbacher – Again some people may consider this unfair, to nominate two people who ran the same company. But think about this for a moment did not Viehbacher have a major impact on the Sanofi diabetes franchise, did he not push through the MannKind partnership even though his own due diligence team told him to run away from this deal, is he not responsible for the failure of Apidra, Lyxumia and the iBGStar and is he not under investigation for an illegal kickback scheme involving Lantus. We’re not sure about everyone else but Diabetic Investor it would be a travesty if he wasn’t nominated.

Duane DeSisto – Yes another ex-CEO who like Viehbacher was canned by the board of directors but also very deserving. Who else could stand in front of investors, tell a perfectly good lie and not have their nose grow. What makes this even is better is for years he was dishing out this horse manure and analysts kept eating it up. Granted these analysts aren’t the brightest blubs on the tree but to consistently fool these dimwits deserves a nomination.

Best Overall Management Team or Supporting Cast

Sanofi – The fact that this team was comfortable with a tier 3 formulary position for Afrezza should be enough but we all know there is more.

Abbott (NYSE:ABT) – Since no one is quite sure who is really running Abbott Diabetes Care, the management team has to be nominated as no other team could be deluded into believing that a twice recalled, limited released product that only works occasionally could save this franchise. Come to think of it we could nominate Miles White Abbott’s CEO for the CEO as it takes truly special talent to run not one but two diabetes device companies into the ground.

Google – In nod to the growing importance of interconnected diabetes management (IDM) Google is worthy for their much hyped contact lenses that measure glucose. Now never mind that we have been down this road before or that there is little chance these way cool contact lenses will ever reach the market, nope the fact that mighty Google has fallen for the hype of non-invasive glucose monitoring proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that PT was right all along.

Best Supporting Player

Brian Roberts Insulet – No CEO can consistently lie to investors without have a partner in crime, as Bonnie had Clyde, Duane had Brian.

Pierre Chancel, Sanofi Diabetes – No matter how clueless Serge may be it was not his decision to accept a tier 3 formulary position for Afrezza or believe that Toujeo is the next Lantus. The fact is Serge is relying on people like Pierre to keep them informed and up to date. Only then once briefed can Serge go out open mouth and insert foot.

Anyone who advised Pascal Soriot- Given how things are going at AstraZeneca (NYSE:AZN) these days one has to wonder if Pascal is not having second thoughts. First on the Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) takeover attempt and then next on becoming CEO at Sanofi, a job that was his for the taking.  Just as Serge had Pierre advising him on the diabetes franchise, Pascal we’re sure had a close confidant advising him. Now we have no idea who this person might be but as the old saying goes with friends like these who needs enemies.

Just as the Oscars has a lifetime achievement award given to someone who has made lifelong unique contribution to the film industry so to should the Wacky’s have a lifetime achievement award given to someone who has had a special impact on the wacky world of diabetes. And quite frankly we can’t think of anyone more deserving than Al Mann, the founder of MannKind and one-time CEO of MiniMed. Few individuals have made such an impact on this wacky world. Even fewer can blow a billion dollars of their own money to support their dream.

Yet lost in all this is Al’s unique talent to maximize shareholder value. Something he did when got Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) to buy MiniMed and Sanofi to partner with MannKind. Yes it takes true talent to sell ice cubes to Eskimos but this talent Al has in abundance. Heck he’s even got analysts convinced that Afrezza is the greatest thing to hit diabetes since the discovery of insulin.

Now we’re sure we’ve left out categories, companies and people but that’s exactly the point as these nominations are just what Diabetic Investor happens to believe are worthy of a Wacky. Now it’s your turn, tell us who you believe is worthy of Wacky. On the flip side you can also endorse any of the above mentioned nominees.

Let the nominations begin.