An Apple A Day

An Apple A Day

It continues to amaze Diabetic Investor the attention lavished on Apple for a product they do not have yet and likely will never have. Look at a post from the International Business Times;

“According to a new report, Apple is set on incorporating glucose-monitoring functionality into its upcoming wearable device. The company is apparently taking on the diabetes epidemic with big things in mind. After all, close to 30 million people have the condition in the US alone, and that demographic is certainly a good target.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Apple incorporates the blood sugar-monitoring feature. It’s obviously going to be non-invasive even though glucose monitoring usually requires a rather painful and skin-penetrating procedure. The company isn’t just after convenient and accurate blood sugar monitoring, though.

The tech giant is also reportedly going to launch interchangeable “smart watch bands” packed with additional features. What’s more, the company is supposedly introducing the new innovation without upping the watch’s price tag. The blood sugar-monitoring functionality could be applied to the new smart band instead of the watch hardware.”

Now we know that Apple is the maker of all things way cool and whiz bang. That this company has more money than God himself and that each day there are millions of minions who awake and pray at the altar of Apple. Yet there are some things that money cannot buy and a non-invasive glucose monitor is one of them. Yet even if Apple was somehow successful where everyone else has failed would this way cool whiz bang device stand a chance at being commercially successful.

All the Apple worshipers seem to believe that consumers will stand in line at their local Apple retail outlet to buy this way cool toy. That because Apple makes it, it’s a guaranteed hit. That it will be somehow immune to competition. That the wackiness that comes attached to this market will not become attached to this toy. That because it comes from Apple it is immune to market dynamics.

Yet the most glaring oversight, the bright light that blinds these Apple worshipers is it’s not the toy that matters. That it’s the system that works with the toy that matters. That this story isn’t about way cool whiz bang cloud enabled, this story is and always will be about transforming all the data generated from this way cool whiz bang cloud enabled toy into patient relevant, patient actionable information.

Put simply these Apple worshipers are just as delusional and suffer from the same maladies as everyone else who thinks this is about way cool whiz bang cloud enabled toys. They like so many before them look at the size of the diabetes market and believe that since “glucose monitoring usually requires a rather painful and skin-penetrating procedure”; this is the reason why patients do not monitor their glucose. They fail to grasp that even if this information was gathered without a “painful” finger stick that it’s meaningless data to most patients. That these patients have no idea what it means and even worse no idea how to use it to help them better manage their diabetes.

All this device would do is further parse the insulin using market. It would be yet another toy designed and largely used by insulin using patients. That it would compete with proven products which are only getting better, cheaper and more patient friendly. Listen if Apple was smart they would use some of their cash to buy Dexcom (NASDAQ: DXCM) and incorporate their technology into this way cool whiz bang cloud enabled toy.

The reality here and yes, we know this is an area not visited frequently by Apple worshipers is that Apple may be the makers of all things whiz bang and way cool but even Apple has blind spots. Or as Momma Kliff used to say; “Money does buy lots of things but there is one thing money cannot buy; common sense. “