Always A Day Late

Always A Day Late

It continues to amaze us at the depth of ineptitude shown by the JDRF. Today they released the following statement;

“JDRF, the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, is announcing a new initiative that will support the development of open protocols for artificial pancreas (AP) technology.”

Now let’s be clear we’re all for open protocols but seriously isn’t this like locking the barn door after the cattle has escaped already. Yep just what we need after Johnson and Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) announces their decision to shut down Animas and Tandem (NASDAQ: TNDM) is on the verge of financial collapse. Yes, my friends it won’t be long before patient choice comes down to Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) and Insulet (NASDAQ: PODD).

What the JDRF seems to ignore is that open protocols won’t do anything to help pump patients. Let’s say by some miracle someone develops a real artificial pancreas just how in heavens name will they be able to commercialize and support this way cool whiz bang toy that only a handful of patients will use.

The harsh reality is the JDRF doesn’t get it, never has. What they should have done instead of playing with all their way cool toys, is help make insulin pump therapy more affordable and easier to get. But no that would only make sense and we can have none of that. This organization either cannot or won’t grasp the concept that diabetes is a business, that there will be no toys to play with if these companies cannot make money.

It’s time the JDRF and their minions wake up and smell the coffee, the insulin pump market has collapsed. One company, Medtronic will soon control almost 90% of the market. Patient choice something they scream about is now down to just two choices.

It’s laughable that in the press release it states;

“JDRF is firmly committed to ensuring people with diabetes have access to tools that improve their lives as we drive towards a cure,” Dr. Kowalski said. “Automated insulin delivery systems are already benefiting people with type 1 diabetes, and open-protocol innovation is providing additional solutions. JDRF will explore means to ensure innovation continues at a rapid pace and that we tap the best people from diverse fields to support progress in this area.”

If this were true we would not be in the situation we are today. The fact is, yes, those pesky again is that patients do not have access to the toys in the toy chest. So please let’s stop with all the bullshit and start doing what they should be doing. Helping patients who seek pump therapy have real choices and real access. Spend more time improving access and less time chasing a system that will benefit only a handful of patients.

But this is just wishful thinking as these toy makers just can’t stop playing with their toys.