All we need is some red wine

All we need is some red wine

Just as a reminder today is Thursday February 18, 2016, not April 1st. We felt the need to issue this reminder when we read the following headline;

“Olive oil blunts postprandial glucose response to high glycemic index meals”

No this is not a joke as researchers from … wait for it … Federico II University in Naples, Italy conducted a study, “To evaluate whether fat quality, in the context of meals with high– (HGI) or low–glycemic index (LGI), influences postprandial blood glucose (PPG) response in patients with type 1 diabetes.” A study which was published no not in Italian Cooking and Living magazine but in Diabetes Care.

Now we don’t want to dismiss this research as just another piece of completely useless information that will have absolutely ZERO impact in the real world, that of course excludes patients with diabetes residing in Italy, but we must. Yet, given what seems to be a growing appetite for completely useless information we have some suggestions for new research projects;

Since we now know about the impact olive oil has why not add a little vino to the mix, more specifically red wine. Yes, we all know that there is a correlation between red wine and diabetes and let’s be honest nothing goes better with a good plate of pasta than a big and bold red wine.  According to our pesky wine consultant who also happens to be an expert on good Italian food, not a bad combination when you think about it, there are several excellent red wines from Italy that would make for a great study.

But what about us regular guys, yes us Neanderthals who like an ice cold Miller Lite and a Chicago deep dish pizza – and we don’t care what anyone says there is no better pizza anywhere in the world. Why not run a study which examines the impact between downing some Miller Lite and devouring a great deep dish pizza? This could actually be a truly impactful study as researchers could examine the difference between a plain old sausage pizza and one with the works.

No need to stop there either lets really get some useful information and examine the correlation between large breasted red wine drinking pasta eating women and diabetes.

Seriously folks we aren’t sure what these people have been drinking or smoking but isn’t about time we actually see some research on some mundane topics. Listen we know it isn’t as arousing as large breasted wine drinking pasta eating women – and if that doesn’t sound like the title for a skin flick we don’t know what does – but can’t we look at say the role continuous glucose monitoring plays in non-insulin using Type 2 patients.

Honestly we wish we were making this up, that people aren’t wasting time and money doing research that has no real value other than to waste time and money.  Sadly, we are not and people wonder why more progress is not being made.