ADA Issue

ADA Issue

Well here it is our annual ADA issue and it’s a big one. Try as we might to keep our issues short and an easy read there was just too much information from the conference.

A few other housekeeping items:

1. We would like to give you a date when the new web site will be fully operational, unfortunately the geniuses who were working on the site fouled things up. Although Diabetic Investor does not believe in torture we just might make an exception here. A new team is working on the problem and hopefully will get things up and running shortly.

2. Copyright infringement – everyone should be aware that all material produced by Diabetic Investor is copyrighted and it is a violation of the copyright to share anything we produce with a non-subscriber without our express written permission. In the past we have not strictly enforced our copyright however this light enforcement policy will not continue. Should Diabetic Investor discover any copyright infringement we will immediately cancel the guilty party’s subscription. We regret that we are forced to take such a stance but we have no choice.

3. Our new Corporate and Two Year Team Subscriptions are available.

Have a great weekend and GO WHITE SOX!

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Diabetic Investor
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