A Win for Dexcom

A Win for Dexcom

Just the other day we noted that among the issues Dexcom wannabes must navigate is the treacherous minefield known as IP. Well this minefield just became more treacherous, per a Dexcom press release;

“The U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon has granted Dexcom’s (NASDAQ:DXCM) motion for summary judgment invalidating all asserted claims in the two remaining patents asserted against it by WaveForm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of AgaMatrix.”

With this litigation now behind them Dexcom like everyone else is waiting to see whether or not the FDA will grant the Libre2 an iCGM designation. Now we will say upfront even if the Libre2 does NOT receive this designation we don’t believe it will adversely impact sales or change Abbott’s strategy in any way. Yes it would be nice for the Libre2 to have this designation but given Abbott’s aggressive pursuit of a value strategy with or without it that strategy will not change.

In other news from diabetes toy land the troubles at Bigfoot continue as the company is in desperate need of fresh capital. Like others in the connected pen space Bigfoot is struggling to find new investors. About the only independent connected pen company not facing a financial crisis is Companion Medical which just so happens is the only independent connected pen company that has a system approved by the FDA and on the market.

It’s understandable that investors would be hesitant to put additional capital in this space given that all the major insulin companies have connected pens of their own and will likely own this space once their systems make it through the FDA.

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