A Toast

A Toast

Yet another study has confirmed that drinking red wine is beneficial for patients with Type 2 diabetes. This latest study comes from our friends at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Published in the Annals of Internal Medicine the authors concluded;

“This long-term RCT suggests that initiating moderate wine intake, especially red wine, among well-controlled diabetics as part of a healthy diet is apparently safe and modestly decreases cardiometabolic risk. The genetic interactions suggest that ethanol plays an important role in glucose metabolism, and red wine’s effects also involve nonalcoholic constituents.”

Now given how badly things are going for our wine drinking friends in France we thought perhaps that our good friends at Sanofi (NYSE:SNY) funded this study. Yet according to the study primary funding came from the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes. This is actually too bad as given how poorly Afrezza and Toujeo are doing we thought for sure Sanofi funded this study and would soon start marketing French red wine as a diabetes treatment.

Listen this may sound crazy but not nearly as crazy as marketing special lunch bags for patients with diabetes (and no this is not a joke and yes Sanofi did it). Think about this for a moment besides making money selling the wine they could also sell a host of wine accessories.   Non-wine drinkers may not know this but there are special glasses just for red wine, plus wine openers, aerators and racks. Think of the money Sanofi could make, heck our guess is that sales would quickly surpass Afrezza sales and would be more enjoyable too. Has anyone been to an Afrezza tasting?

Yet given Sanofi’s penance for turning gold into sand it’s likely even if they entered the diabetes wine market they would screw this up too.

We’re also just a little disappointed that the authors of the study did not indicate which red wines lead to the best outcomes.  After all red wine is like patients with diabetes and come in all different shapes, sizes and price points. Therefore to help out Diabetic Investor consulted with our distinguished panel of pesky wine experts to come up with a list of red wines that will get the job done. Now in the interest of full disclosure we must admit this panel has a strong preference for Prisoner, a very fine red wine, but as we made clear to the panel this cannot be the only option.

So here in no particular order are some other fine red wines recommended by our distinguished panel;

Saldo – another fine red wine from the same winey as Prisoner


Alexander Valley Vineyards Merlot

Decoy also makes a nice cab

Now we know this not a comprehensive list and these offerings are just a little pricey. Yet we were told in no uncertain terms never, ever settle for boxed red wine. This according to our distinguished panel is a major no-no.

Also please note that Diabetic Investor recommends when drinking any of these fine red wines please do so in moderation. As we have seen first-hand what happens when the panel over indulges. Heck the next thing you know the panel moves onto Makers Mark and well let’s just say it’s all downhill from there. But we digress.

Also being one to help our wine drinking friends in France we should also disclose we have reached out to Olivier and our good buddy Serge with an offer to help them get this unit off the ground. It just so happens that one member of our distinguished panel is not just a wine expert but also has diabetes experience, a truly unique combination. We also happen to know that this panel member would be delighted to change jobs under the right circumstances.

In fact we’re pretty sure the other members of the panel would also tag along, again under the right circumstances. Now these members don’t have any diabetes experience but then again given how the Sanofi diabetes team is doing they couldn’t possibly do any worse. And one thing is certain they’d be a more fun to work with that’s for sure.

So come on Sanofi get rid of Afrezza and reallocate the capital towards a diabetes wine unit. We’ve got a team ready, willing and very experienced ready to go.