A quick update

A quick update

Ok it now looks like we have solved the email glitch and thank goodness as the wacky dance is only a few days away. That being said we have decided to make some minor adjustments to help our subscribers. While most of you read our posts when they come to your inbox you can also read posts on the web site using your email address and password.

If you’re a member of a corporate group your account admin can provide your password – if you don’t know who that is just email me at dkliff@diabeticinvestor.com.

Additionally, we have decided to use twitter to let everyone know that we have posted – you can follow us on twitter at @diabetic_invstr – we have this way cool whiz bang new software that makes tweeting easy so why not. This way if email goes on the fritz again at least you have an alternate method knowing that we posted and reading that post.

In the coming months, we plan on increasing our presence on social media if for no other reason that we have this new way cool whiz bang software that makes it easy so even someone as social media challenged as myself can do it.

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed that everything keeps working and I want to assure everyone that the rumors about our wine drinking friends hacking the new site are false. Listen we’d like to give them credit for doing something right but hacking a web site is well above their skill level. Guzzling chardonnay yes chugging Merlot for sure but beyond that …….