A new trend?

A new trend?

Over the years we have seen many trends in this wacky world and while we are rarely surprised anymore occasionally, something comes along that does surprise us. That happened today when we found an article in that distinguish medical journal none other than the Wine Spectator and no we are not making this up. Entitled “How Can Drinking Wine Help Reduce Diabetes Risk? A new study suggests that frequent, moderate alcohol consumption might lower chance of developing Type 2 diabetes” the article speaks of a recent study in Diabetologia which found that moderate amounts of wine can prevent people from developing Type 2 diabetes.

We have yet to confirm that this study was backed by our wine guzzling friends in France but we digress.

This article got us thinking, yes it does happen every now and then, that this news could lead to some interesting features for the Wine Spectator. Heck they could run a whole series of articles on the subject. They could for example discuss which is better at diabetes prevention a nice buttery chardonnay or perhaps a big and bold cabernet. Or perhaps debate which is better a straight-out cabernet or a blended wine like the Prisoner.

Having visited wineries in Napa Valley and the Santa Barbara area, see even at our advanced age we are open to new things and are not just a beer guzzler, this study could open some new revenue streams. Think of someone walking into the Ram’s Gate winery in Napa, that’s actually Sonoma, and along with their membership comes a free HbA1c exam. Or the beautiful Firestone winery located not far from Santa Barbara could hold events that pair their wines with diabetic friendly meals. Being a huge fan of Domaine Carneros we’d love it if they held events on the benefits of sparkling wine and diabetes control.

By the way it can’t be called champagne when it’s not from the champagne region in France, nope when it’s made in the good old USA it’s called sparkling wine. And who said Diabetic Investor was wasting our time employing a full-time wine consultant. But again, we digress.

Since we’ll be attending EASD in Lisbon and bringing along our wine consultant we thought it would be worth a trip to some wineries in Portugal. Let it not be said that Diabetic Investor won’t go to almost any length to get the real story. We will leave no stone upturned, no barrel uncorked to get the latest diabetes research.

We even have some suggestions for future wine/diabetes research that goes beyond the normal studies which cover which type of wines work best at preventing diabetes. For example, should red wines be opened and allowed to breath before consumption and will this impact diabetes in any way. Heck even a wine neophyte like Diabetic Investor knows that red wine is stored at room temperature while whites should be refrigerated.

Seriously there are so many possibilities here. In fact, Diabetic Investor is considering starting our own YouTube channel to discuss the merits of which wines, under which conditions have the greatest impact on diabetes. We’re also thinking about expanding the companies we follow to include Constellation Brands or Kendall-Jackson. Listen their corporate events must be more interesting than those thrown by traditional diabetes companies and who knows they just might give out free samples.

We can also see the distinct possibility of a diabetes company entering the wine business. Yes, we have discussed this before and yes, it’s only natural that Sanofi (NYSE: SNY) be the trailblazer. First and foremost, they are after all located in France. Next, they already have some knowledge of the diabetes space. And given their propensity to spend money recklessly why not throw some into the wine business which is almost as risky as drug development but lots more fun.

Listen we knew the diabetes space was changing but we had no idea just how dramatically. Who would have thunk that wine and diabetes would be linked like peanut butter is with jelly. So, let’s embrace this change and drink up.