A New Day Dawns

A New Day Dawns

For years Diabetic Investor has ranted
about the dismal state of diabetes education. Study after study has proven the
most effective tool for achieving better outcomes is an educated patient. A
patient who understands why they should be testing their glucose levels on a
regular basis. A patient who understands why it’s important to remain compliant
with their medications and watch they eat.

Even with great advancements in drugs and
devices one fact has remained constant; nearly two-thirds of all patients are
not achieving control. This fact not only carries with it devastating health
care consequences but economic consequences as well.

Today Diabetic Investor is pleased to
announce that a new day dawns for the millions of patients with diabetes with
the launch of Healthy Outcomes, a free web portal that incentivizes patients
with diabetes to take control of their health and wellness. (In the interest of
full disclosure it should be noted that Healthy Outcomes is the work of
Diabetic Investor publisher David Kliff.)

When this quest began, over two years ago,
the goal was simple find a way to engage adults with diabetes so they would
learn more about their diabetes. Thankfully Mr. Kliff knew Charles Feldman who
just happened to be an expert on incentive programs who suggested incentives should
be added to the site as they would help engage patients.

Following the basic premise that patients respond
well to constant positive reinforcement, Healthy Outcomes participants earn
reward points for watching educational modules, playing games, monitoring their
glucose levels, etc. These reward points can then be redeemed for free

Additionally Healthy Outcomes participants
can ask questions directly to Certified Diabetes Educators and diabetologiests.

Rather than spend a great deal of time talking
about the site the best way to see what Healthy Outcomes is all about is to
take a look at www.healthyoutcomes.com.
Check it out and let us know what you think.