A new “Choice”

A new “Choice”

As we reported Amazon is making the deep dive into diabetes and today it became official. Per a press release;

“Choice is Amazon’s latest advance in global healthcare — a wellness brand developed in partnership with Arcadia Group.

Our debut range of blood glucose monitors and blood pressure monitors all feature supporting mobile apps that offer measurement tracking, data mobility, and reminders, to help more people get pro-active about their health.”

Yes, my friends the day has arrived when snarky Alexa adds diabetes management to her many capabilities. We really don’t mean to make light of this event but given that CGM is quickly replacing BGM as the standard for glucose measurement combined with the fact there are hundreds of these way cool whiz bang clouded enabled conventional meters all of which that talk with equally way cool whiz bang apps, we just can’t help ourselves.

The bottom line here is just that the bottom line as the meter itself costs $23.15 with 50 test strips costing $10.99 (both prices are for Prime members). Prices which are in line with other value offerings which also include similar features. What Amazon has going for them is scale, massive scale as there are over 1 million Prime members and heaven knows how many non-Prime Amazon shoppers.

It also goes without saying that Amazon won’t have a problem getting meters and test strips to patients as they are fairly good with logistics too.

What’s really more important is not how Amazon entered the diabetes market but the fact they have entered it. Let’s be honest if anyone thinks that Amazon doesn’t have bigger plans, we want what they are smoking. There isn’t one product device or drug that Amazon cannot provide to a patient.

Just as they have done with other areas, they have entered Amazon can drive cost efficiencies and drive existing companies nuts. It’s not an exaggeration to state that none of these companies can match Amazon’s scale or incredible existing infrastructure. Think of what happens when they licensed pharmacies in all 50 states or an agreement for a Tyler or insulin pump.

The greatest thing about Amazon is they could care less about whiz bang way cool, they care about exploiting the advantages they have which help them makes gobs of money. Amazon is a well-known trusted brand used by millions of consumers. Consumers who could care less which toy they play with as long as it works, its cheap and its delivered when they want how they want it. No more trips to Walgreens or CVS, just a few mouse clicks and bang its done.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again every drug and device company should be doing whatever they can to work with Amazon. This isn’t a case of beat’em or join’em this is a matter of survival. The old way of doing things will not disappear overnight but its disappearing for sure. Rome as the old saying goes was not built in a day but it was built, and the empire lasted awhile.

So, let’s welcome Amazon and snarky Alexa to the wacky world and Alexa don’t forget to add some Tide to my next order, thanks.