A Mirage In The Desert

A Mirage In The Desert

Shares of MannKind (NASDAQ: MNKD) have been a roll these past two days based solely on the fact that their new partner OneDrop and their Chrome system is now available on Amazon Prime. Now why this is good for MannKind and Afrezza sales is a mystery to Diabetic Investor but in this wacky world of ours everyone seems to think it is. It’s not as if Amazon is or even could promote or fill Afrezza prescriptions or that OneDrop has millions of patients who want or even need Afrezza.

Folks it’s about to time everyone begin to realize that this partnership between MannKind and OneDrop is nothing more than a publicity stunt. That the chances of this partnership yielding anything of substance for either company is remote. The fact is both companies have some major issues and while this partnership makes for a great press release it won’t solve the problems faced by either company.

But this MannKind/OneDrop promotional stunt isn’t the only mirage in the desert. Per a post on the Madsion.com website entitled “Apple’s Glucose Surprise Proves the Company Isn’t Done Innovating”-

“In mid-April, CNBC Silicon Valley-based healthcare reporter and award-winning journalist Christina Farr reported that Apple had 30 people working on a non-invasive and continuous glucose monitoring system at an off-campus site in Palo Alto. She stated she had heard rumors of this effort for years and now has three sources for her story.

The implications for Apple, if it can successfully introduce a product, would be enormous. It would bring the company into an entirely new business. As Farr points out, if the monitoring system were incorporated into the Apple Watch, the product would become a must-own piece of hardware for anyone with diabetes.”

Our favorite phrase here is that IF the company is successful this way cool whiz bang toy would become a MUST OWN toy. Of course, it would be it must be as it comes from the makers of all things way cool and whiz bang, Apple. Yep there is no question that EVERY patient with diabetes would stand in line at their local Apple store waiting to spend $500 or $600 on this way cool whiz bang toy. It also goes without saying that the West Coast Mafia will hail this way cool whiz bang toy as the best thing to happen to patients with diabetes since the invention of sliced bread and soft soap.

Should we mention that the Mafia also hailed Afrezza as the best thing to happen to patients with diabetes since the invention of the iPhone. That it too was a MUST own diabetes product that would forever change the fortune of millions of insulin using patients. Need we mention that Afrezza despite all the hype was one huge commercial failure. That while it was a good insulin it could not overcome the mismanagement of the drug nor MannKind being handicapped with Sanofi (NYSE: SNY) as a partner.

Now just in case anyone hasn’t noticed there is a somewhat convoluted connection between the MannKind/OneDrop partnership and this way cool whiz bang toy by the maker of all things way cool whiz bang Apple. Yep they are looked upon by the West Coast Mafia as the answer to the prayers of patients with diabetes. Seriously we honestly believe that when the Mafia gets together for a sit down they begin their meetings by praying at the altar of Apple, which is ironic as there is a fair amount of tribe members who are part of the Mafia, but we digress.

Listen we don’t mean to make fun of our friends on the west coast and their inability to understand that when it comes to success in this wacky world it’s not about way cool whiz bang toys or drugs which work but don’t have prayer in the market. Ok let’s be honest we just love making fun of these people who have a serious problem separating the realities of this wacky world from the fantasyland they seem to live in.

Now don’t get us wrong we love the west coast and the San Francisco area but we are from Chicago and unlike the left coast this is a very realistic city. Perhaps it’s our winter like weather in May or just the rough and tumble nature of the city with the big shoulders. Maybe because we don’t live in the land of constant sunshine and warm weather that we don’t see the mirage in the desert. Or as Momma Kliff was fond of saying; “We see things as they are not as we want them to be.”