A diabetes high

A diabetes high

As much as we think we’ve seen it all along comes another study that proves us wrong. The most recent example of this comes from a study published on the Diabetologia web site, the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes who at this very moment is conducting their annual conference in Stockholm. As we noted earlier today as per with any major diabetes conference we see a ton of study data. Well this study is one for the record books.

Entitled “Marijuana use and risk of prediabetes and diabetes by middle adulthood: the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study” and according to the site was done because –

“The impact of marijuana use on metabolic health is largely unknown. This study sought to clarify the cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between self-reported marijuana use, and prediabetes (defined as fasting glucose 5.6–6.9 mmol/l, 2 h glucose post OGTT 7.8–11.0 mmol/l or HbA1c 5.7–6.4% [39–47 mmol/mol]) and diabetes.”

The authors concluded “Marijuana use in young adulthood is associated with an increased risk of prediabetes by middle adulthood, but not with the development of diabetes by this age.”

One of the authors of this study Mike Bancks, MPH NHLBI Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology & Prevention Pre-doctoral Fellow University of Minnesota School of Public Health did an interview which was posted on the medicalresearch.com web site. According to Mr. Bancks;

“We chose to research this topic because marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States and use can be expected to increase as the effort to legalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal use grows. We found that individuals who reported using marijuana in excess of 100 times during young adulthood had 40% greater risk for developing prediabetes by middle adulthood. However, we did not find an association between marijuana use and overt diabetes during this same period in adulthood, suggesting that marijuana use may be a risk factor for the early stage of diabetes.”

Now we don’t know Mr. Bancks yet by the look of his picture he’s on the young side and we would assume at least somewhat knowledgeable as to marijuana’s most pleasant side effect or what my generation fondly called the munchies. Yes it’s been more than a few years since Diabetic Investor inhaled and we don’t mean insulin but if our memory is still intake and it might not be, the munchies lead to another problem – obesity.  And as we all know there is a link between obesity and diabetes.

Yet what we found interesting is that the study did not find a link between marijuana, oh for the good old days when we called it weed, use in adulthood and diabetes. This must be a relief to the Baby Boomers who were the first generation to get high and is now getting a little long in the tooth. Basically this means that these Boomers who now have children and grandchildren can light up and enjoy a good high now and then.

Even better according to our sources the weed, sorry marijuana, used today is far superior to what these Boomers light up years ago. Thanks to the miracles of technology Boomers can now get an even higher high.

Sorry folks but this study has received an undue share of attention which obviously means two things; marijuana like pornography is a subject no one likes to discuss in the open yet always garners undue attention. And second the authors of this study need a life. Seriously Diabetic Investor has seen far too much time and money wasted on these idiotic studies.  Which makes us believe that whoever thinks of them are the same people using the Exubera delivery device as a bong, although we would prefer a good old five foot graphic in a way cool color. Oh for the good old days.