A “Comical” Moment

A “Comical” Moment

It’s been quite some time since we last heard from Paula Deen our friendly racially insensitive celebrity chef who also happens to have diabetes. When last heard from Ms. Deen was dealing with the fallout from her racist remarks made during a legal deposition; remarks which lead her to lose several key endorsements.  Today comes news that Bluewater Productions is releasing a comic book- no this is not a joke – based on the embattled chef’s life. According to a company issued press release;

“With the recent media hailstorm and public criticism aimed at celebrity chef Paula Deen for inflammatory racial remarks, Bluewater Productions announced that it did not change plans to publish its Female Force biography comic book title featuring the embattled TV personality.

Written by Michael Troy with art by Manuel Diaz, Paula Deen has an interesting life with many ups and downs and Bluewater is happy to bring her tale to life in comic book form. In Print for $3.99 and eBook for $1.99.

“Under the greatest scrutiny, we promised her fans that we would have this book out in support of her, being she was on our list before the ordeal.  We stayed true to what we thought and stood by Deen.   Many of our heroes let us down, but we also believe in the power of redemption,” Davis added, “In all biographies there are chapters full of great accomplishments and those full of challenges. I believe Ms. Deen’s story is not yet completely written.”

The book, which has been in production for several months prior to the recent negative revelations, does not look to reward or disparage Deen, but frame her story as an entrepreneur who transformed a home-based catering service into a culinary empire.

Davis notes that the latest controversy will be added to the final draft, but the majority of the comic book will focus on how she became an iconic brand, the challenges of her humble beginnings and the results of bursting certain stereotypes.”

Some may recall that besides being racially insensitive Ms. Deen has also been accused of being the ultimate hypocrite. For those with short attention spans Ms. Deen was soundly criticized for her decision to hide the fact she had diabetes until she was able to profit from this fact by signing an endorsement deal with Novo Nordisk (NYSE:NVO). For years Ms. Deen went on promoting her recipes even though many, if not all, were about as diabetes friendly as a chocolate layer cake. It wasn’t until Ms. Deen, who has never met an endorsement deal she didn’t like, could make a buck on her diabetes that she came out of the diabetes closet.

It seems that Bluewater Productions the publisher of the comic is a perfect match for Ms. Deen as like her they too worship the all mighty dollar and will do anything to make a buck. Quite frankly Diabetic Investor isn’t buying their explanation as to why they decided to publish the comic nor do we consider Ms. Deen a hero. Like Ms. Deen all they care about is making a few bucks and they could really care less how they do it.

Diabetic Investor isn’t against redemption nor are we opposed to giving someone a second chance, however Ms. Deen has nothing to show that she has earned a second chance. This is just the latest in a string of incidents that shows all she really cares about is making a buck and has no shame in how she does it. This isn’t comical, it’s sad.