Playing with peoples lives

Playing with peoples lives

Before we get started today a word of warning as for the first time ever we are writing a post using our iPad. Let’s hope we get this right and never let it said that we didn’t like way cool whiz bang toys. Ok now that we got that out of the way onto business.

It seems Kim Blickenstaff, the President and CEO of Tandem (NASDAQ:TNDM) isn’t very happy with what we’ve been writing. Shocking. Anyway Kim seems to think we got our facts wrong about the company’s recent SEC filings, that the Board of Directors are not a bunch of shameless individuals who only seek to get richer while caring nothing about Tandem customers. That the options exercised were part of an incentive plan and the shares won’t be in the money until shares hit $3.50.

Interestingly he never disputed any other aspect of our post which should send a clear message to everyone as to what he really cares about.

Now how do we know this well Kim sent us some emails expressing his displeasure. Even better the emails also showed that Tandem violated our copyright by forwarding our posts to people who are not subscribers and beyond the scope of Tandem’s license with Diabetic Investor. Listen we know this happens all the time but rarely do we have concrete indisputable evidence of a copyright violation.

Our response to Kim, well you can probably guess for as Momma Kliff said if you want a friend get a dog. This company is playing with peoples lives and we are not just going to sit by and do nothing. We don’t want to see Tandem customers suffer as Animas customers are right this moment. People need to know the facts and no matter what the company says everything is not fine. Without a major capital infusion Tandem will join Animas, Asante, Deltec and Roche in the insulin pump graveyard.

Listen we could care less if management and the Board makes millions PROVIDED their customers are being taken care of. But with the creditors closing in this might not be possible and unlike Animas customers, Tandem customers could be left out in the cold. This isn’t about anything other than putting Tandem customers first.

So Kim bitch all you want but for over 20 years we’ve watched as executives get rich while patients get screwed and frankly we’ve had enough.

Happy thanksgiving everyone.